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I'm a French UX designer & front-end developer with several years of professional experience.
I like to solve design problems, create smart user interfaces and develop interactive web products.
When I'm not bringing clean websites and applications to life, I'm out there, somewhere.
Exploring, taking photos or experiencing new things in both real and virtual worlds.

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I sketch, wireframe, prototype and test user-centered interfaces, focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns and simple interactions - keeping in mind that simplicity is the utimate sophistication.

To design websites & applications that best meet users' and clients' needs, I apply all my professional experience into user research, information architecture, usability, graphics design, interaction design and user testing.
My favorite tools are Photoshop, Axure, Basamiq and, of course, pen & paper.


I develop websites & apps using HTML, CSS and a touch of JavaScript. I love coding from scratch but I can work with front-end frameworks too. My key word? Optimization. My principles? KISS & DRY.

Focusing on quality code, best practices, security, and performance, I juggle with HTML(5), CSS(3) / SASS, Javascript / jQuery, and various other frameworks, web APIs or plugins.
In a way, my role is to add some magic, delivering clean, functional and responsive products.

And more

I have skills in other fields such as back-end development or SEO. I also have abilities in project management, which enable me to effectively prioritise tasks and work as a team to deadlines.

I’ve worked a lot in agile methodology and learnt that technique doesn’t do everything. Time management, communication and understanding are the true keys to success. My server-side skills in particular (PHP, MySQL, MVC) enable me to better understand the work of my team mates. And, therefore, to better collaborate.

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Looking for an UX enthusiast? Or a front-end wizard? I'm currently available for new adventures. Let’s make something awesome.


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